Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodies in the mail!

There's almost nothing better than receiving things in the mail. It makes me squeal with happiness! Today, I was lucky enough to receive two lovelies, and am now feeling quite bouncy and happy.

First up, a little while ago, I won a competition (eeee!) on the blog of the lovely Mary of contrary-fame. I am so excited, as not only did I receive the most beautiful earrings made from vintage bingo markers (see below), but I have been a long-time fan and customer of Mary's delicious site. Do go there, and have a look around - it's so much fun and she has free shipping to anywhere in the world! Above are the lovely earrings wrapped (complete with contrary moo card!)...here they are - ta-da!

Thank you Mary - happy three year etsy-versary!

And then I was also lucky enough to get a magnificent card (and newsy, newsy letter!) from my lovely friend (and newly initiated fan of both blogs and stationery!) Miss T.

These cards are made by Care Crafts, the proceeds of which go to the "education of children and empowerment of women in Pakistan". They are so beautiful - the green part is silk with gold paint and sequins. Thank you, my love!


  1. so glad you liked it !! (and also that it arrived... ah the joys of the pakistan postal system... the only thing you can rely on is its consistent unreliability. Website for Care Crafts is http://www.carepakistan.org/care/carecrafts.html#

  2. I love it! A return one will follow when I have something fun to tell you. (At the moment it would be 'I write stuff. A lot.) I've updated the web address in the post too - thank you!


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