Friday, August 8, 2008

Loft Space of My Dreams

Door Sixteen linked to this amazing loft with photos taken by Anastassios Mentis. Looking at the pictures, I feel like it could be my loft (ahem, not that I actually own property...) as it's exactly the sort of light, bright and airy space of which I dream.

Images via Apartment Therapy

By the way, this is my 101st post on the blog, which is big crazy. Either I am obsessive or just really enjoying this blogging lark! Thanks for all your support and comments - it's been really lovely to seek refuge here from the scary thesis. xx


  1. Except your loft would NOT have a TV in the bedroom! Oh dear!

    Love that our friend Eames is dominating the place.


  2. Touche, my dear, touche! Yes, no TV in the whole house for me, let alone the bedroom. But the shelves! And Eames!

    Come to think of it, my loft would have far, far more books, as well...


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