Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Politics and Paper Dolls

Loobylu kindly gave me the tip to subscribe to the Dover sampler - a weekly taste of the new books which are coming out by the prolific publisher.
I adore these art deco ladies, but still can't get past the obvious, 'what would I do once I had cut these out?' Even as a child, I got quite frustrated with paper dolls. They seemed to involve meticulous cutting - something I was never very good at - and then not much reward afterwards.

That being said, I have long been a fan of the Dover series, often buying friends strange paper doll series, like a John and Jackie Kennedy set, complete with baby John Jnr. I seem weirder now I've written that down... Yet, weirdness ahoy, as you can now buy Barack Obama and John McCain dolls!

Here is the "fashionable way" to support your candidate! The Obama book includes, according to the website, "Barack Obama...his wife Michelle, and their two daughters Malia Ann and Sasha. [Also included are] a wardrobe of authentic outfits: business suit, tuxedo, and for Michelle, a wedding dress, evening gown...and knit shirts and shorts for the children."

I wonder whether artist Tom Tierney is a Democrat, as Obama's pose seems to say, "I'm graceful and model-like - just look at my well placed feet, and svelte lines" whereas McCain's strange stance really does seem to say, "Sadly, I did have both my arms broken in the war, and now must forever grimace accordingly." Maureen Dowd was obviously right - he is so out-cooled by Obama.

Each set also includes an Election Night Scorecard, so presumably you can sit with your paper dolls and play along at home.

By the way, how funny would it have been to have had Howard and Rudd dolls in November 2007? I don't think Australian patriotism is strong enough for that to have been anything other than satire.

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