Monday, August 18, 2008

Gallery Wall Love

Abbey has an amazing collection of gallery walls she has painstakingly scanned in and labeled. They are incredible, and make me want to rent a place where the landlord says, "Sure! I'd love 17 nails in that one wall!". One day...

Anyway, I am nowhere near as clever as Abbey, as I found these two images without labels in my inspiration folders. Thought I'd finally (and shamefacedly) show them off here. If you can help me out where they're from (or if they're yours!) I love them, and I'd love to credit them, too.

By the way, today is my birthday. Despite doing mammoth amounts of work again, I am having quite a lovely day!


  1. For your birthday I wish I could give you a landlord happy to have 17 nails in one wall....then leave you to your own devices!!

    Happy birthday xx

  2. happy birthday! and, thanks for the link -- i love the gallery walls you found.
    xoxoxo Abbey


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