Friday, June 27, 2008

Watch This Space

Diode watch from Tokyo Flash at Amazon
Evolution barcode watch from Tokyo Flash at Amazon

I don't want this site to be all about consumption, but this is more of a design issue... Ever since my old watch broke for the very last time - *sigh* - I've been thinking of how to replace it.

I've been looking for months. Actually, that's not even true - I've been without a watch for months, and have occasionally glanced at the odd watch website or shop before getting disheartened at the lack of variety and originality. I know what I like - sleek, silver, minimalist and a little bit quirky - you would think this isn't an impossible design brief?

I found these Tokyo Flash watches on Amazon (with really average customer reviews) - they are closer to what I was thinking, and I feel like I could totally rock the Diode model (at top) but it would still be a 'party' watch not a 'proper' watch, and my practical self says more than one watch is a bit decadent/ridiculous. (But my party self says, buy the watch!)

By the way, these watches are all made for men. Who knows why the ones for women are so ugly.

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