Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Talented Friends Tuesday II

Photo used with consent. Cute graphic came along for the ride.

Can you believe it's Tuesday again? Luckily, I have so many talented friends that this "profile one every week" shenanigan is likely to be ok for a good few years.*

This week, I am delighted to talk about Ben Walker, who happens to be a brilliant musician, blogger extraordinaire and all-round lovely bloke. Hailing from Oxford, Ben is one of those irritatingly clever 'I need to learn how to play a banjo...so I bought a banjo and an hour later I could play it' kind of people. Despite feeling moderate rage at own banjo-inability and cursing my banjo-less genes, my feelings quickly mellowed into admiration and then awe. And he's endearingly humble, too, which makes him even lovelier.

And since listening to his songs ('Dressing Up' is a personal favourite), I have been humming them so incessantly that I wonder whether I haven't been subliminally messaged to, say, write this post, by the sheer power of his music. As I'm not a bona fide critic by any stretch, I'm not going to even try and give you a proper musical breakdown of what Ben does. But I just love his super fun and original lyrics (thank you for not rhyming 'you' with 'you' - egads!) and the way they tell a narrative rather than just exist to support the song. And the songs! For serious, check him out. If only to hum and get some banj0-envy yourself.

Edited to say you can also find Ben on Last.fm and YouTube.

*If not, I can only blame you, my readership of mostly friends. Stop reading this blog and go and do something talented so I can blog about you. Seriously.


  1. Your Tuesday is almost done,
    The weekly talent blogged again.
    Mine has only just begun
    And it's pissing down with rain.

    Thank you, Kate, for your eloquent, generous and banjo-friendly post. I shall warn my people to be prepared to cater for the inevitable swell in my Australian fan base.

    Yours talentedly,


  2. Thanks Ben! Your Australian fan base is forming this very minute. Watch out, you may be here on tour soon!
    Love, Kate x

  3. Ben i love your music and Kate i love your delightful dedication to friends with flair! can't say much for your australian fan base Ben but you paki crew just grew.


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