Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Talented Friends Tuesday III

Images from Dasmonk.com

In case you've been on the look out for clothing brand name with some Germanic and religious-inspired go to its name,*, I give to you Das Monk!

Yes, another talented friend, Marc, launched this label about a year ago, and his new range is up and ready to be worn like there's no tomorrow.

The Pal and I are big fans of Marc's and his t-shirts, they are super soft (almost feel already-worn) and when you wear them, you get the good feeling that you are supporting young Aussie talent.

Marc also has a free worldwide shipping for two t shirts or more, which I think is quite fabulous.

As always with Talented Friends Tuesday, please feel free to nominate your mates, or to pick up this meme on your blog, too.

*You'd be surprised how often I am.

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