Friday, June 27, 2008

I Heart Street Art

Image via the Wooster Collective

Following on from my last post about installations, I am all about the perpetration of very cool street art. Whether it's stencil art or graffiti from the Wooster Collective, or just generally interesting installations, I always try and photograph images before they're painted over or taken down.

But I am very excited by CutUp. Here, vigilante paper artists take down billboard posters, cut them up and then re-paste them up in new images. They look incredible! (And what's not to love about the crafty use of 'vigilante'?)

Image via CutUp

Image from Scott Burnham

But some of my favourites have to be the knit-fiti or craft bombing started by Chicago-based Knitta. Ahh, I really need to learn to knit. This would be so much fun.

Image from Stick and Move

Image from Vox

Anyone interested in some crafty vigilante fun?

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