Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paperie Fantasy

It's not really a secret amongst my friends and family that I have a pretty intense paper and sticker obsession. Whether it was Alice recommending I buy a sticker-making machine (Done and done. That one was a life changer!) or Darien helping me lug about 12 vintage atlases from a book fair (not un-heavy, those things!). Most of my friends receive letters in the mail that must look like they've been sent by a twelve year old - usually kawaii Japanese stationery covered in stickers and labels. I am always enthusiastic about paper and its many iterations.

This struck me yesterday, when in a weak moment of procrastination I looked at my perpetually full Amazon cart and for a moment, felt nothing at spending, ahem, a lot of money, on about 400+ stickers and labels all from the delectable Cavallini. (The stickers come in tins! Two obsessions collide in the one item!) I haven't purchased yet, as I had a guilt attack and quickly closed the Amazon window. My new bargain with myself is that I will buy some of the stickers a) once I've got some more work done and b) when I have donated to Kiva.

Is there something you collect or covet and don't think about the price? Share it here and tell me how you bargain with yourself!


  1. I am having a homesick day today so I am posting a collection of things I miss about home. Black olives and fetta cheese, wearing a skirt out at night, going for a run, being able to see the water. Not needing a guard. Complaining about sub-standard coffee to my mum. Sifting through second hand clothes on bourke st in redfern, buying kooky things like red plastic aviators and wishing i had the guts to wear them. Phone lines that work all the time and don't crackle, wine glasses with long thin stems, rain. Mostly just my friends.

  2. And then, for balance, a collection of things I love about Islamabad…
    Curly Koranic calligraphy, candlelight, having an apartment all to myself. How good a cold shower feels when it’s too hot to do anything else. Sapphires from Kashmir and blue Afghan glass. Chilli flakes with everything. Adopting stray cats. The sound of the call to prayer as the sun begins to set, covering my hair.

  3. What a beautiful list, Tash. Isn't it funny how many things you don't know you'll miss until they're gone. And how many new things you come to love. And you totally could pull off red aviators. Just maybe not in Islamabad... xx

  4. heres a few things i miss about islamabad.
    green tea, moustaches, stone floors, cheap taxis, thrilling taxi rides (!), coming out of the shower and the towel being super dry, that restaurants need to be 'found', finding a new appreciation for things like electricity and seafood, napping in the day, the anticipation of thinking (should things go down really bad) how i would be heroic around the girl i love, being surprised that i could feel so much at home in such a foreign environment, falling asleep completely happy.


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