Thursday, November 12, 2009

Space Quilts

After posting about map quilts, you would think I couldn't find more spatial quilts, right? Well, how about space-ial* quilts? Jimmy McBride is one mean quilter, and these bad boys, with names like 'Phobos' (one of the moons of Mars) are phenomenal.
Jimmy sells them at his etsy store, and despite being expensive, are entirely worth it, given the time, intricacy and unique designs. And dare I say, they're out of this world?**
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*Sorry, couldn't resist a bad pun.


  1. I love the phobo.

  2. wow- I have never seen anything like them... it makes me more interested in" quilting" which I often find to be not really my style.

  3. Wowza! I am blown away... how cool are these?! Great find Kate. K

  4. Glad you all like them: I am still completely amazed at the work that goes into these.


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