Monday, November 2, 2009


This just arrived. I will be hard-pressed to do anything but read it. For now it sits, beckoning, from the lounge room in all its hardcover glory.

I know the whole Internet's gone Sendak-crazy, but I feel as though I have some social ownership here: I wrote my Honours thesis on Eggers, thank you very much!

(You will probably see it in my 'books I've read' sidebar any minute, even though I should be doing other important things, like finishing off the current thesis...)


  1. Do it, read it, enjoy it and do it all guilt free. You need a break after all.

  2. Thanks lovelies! I'm using as a "if I get x hours done today, then I can have a read tonight" incentive. So exciting!!

  3. Yes yes do read it (*cough* so I can borrow it when you're done *cough*). Actually very glad you blogged about this, because I was very close to getting it for you as a post submission pressie! xx

  4. I think your thesis means you're pretty much related to him. Really. x x x


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