Thursday, November 26, 2009

Darien's Birthday Quilt

My friend Darien turns 30 tomorrow, and came out from the UK to celebrate with her identical twin! I knew that Darien's lounge room has lots of blues and reds in it, and that she loves all things handmade, so I made this quilt for her to snuggle with in Manchester.

I had some hesitations about making a gift: what if she hated it? And what if all my other friends who read this think, 'I hope she doesn't make one for me one day!' So tell me, dear readers, what are your thoughts on handmade gifts? (For the record, I love them...)
This new little label is made from one of my handmade stamps, and might be a recurring feature on my quilts. Now, to get to the huge quilt backlog!


  1. Adorable! I wholeheartedly support handmade gifts! In fact - I endorse them. And this beautiful quilt. I think it would be extra warm because of all the love poured into it. xxx

  2. It is wonderful.
    And I'm sure you won't get this reaction:

  3. I'm with Tash! This is awesome. x

  4. handmade gifts are the way to go! this is a beautiful quilt kate. love the stripes and dots, fantastic job =)


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