Sunday, November 8, 2009

Singer Sewing Table Restoration: Part I

Apologies for the blurry photo - there's not much room or light in the tool shed and this was the best of many! Also, there's not a missing drawer - I had just removed it to see it in the light better.

This Singer sewing machine table has been sitting in my grandparents' tool shed for many, many years. It was given to my grandmother by her mother on the occasion of her marriage to my grandfather. Not only is it in pretty bad condition, but my Dad - in his infinite wisdom! - painted the, ahem, antique a delicious swamp green colour in the 70s.
My plan is strip the paint and sand it back for use as a side table in our apartment. I'm unsure as to the condition of the wood underneath, so depending on how well the paint comes off, I plan to keep it without repainting it.I was not surprised (my Grandma is a keeper of all things!) to find receipts from the 1940s, old buttons, pins and cotton reels in the drawers.

I'll keep you posted as to my progress!*

*Edited to say: I took these photos agges ago and haven't had much time between now and then to do much. Turns out this thesis thing is all-consuming at the moment. So progress may be slow. But it will come!


  1. She's a beauty! And bless your Dad's colour choice!

    Speaking of Dads, mine recently (and randomly) decided to strip and repaint his study door, so if you're in need of all the paraphernalia, he might be your man :)

  2. it is a very swampy green isn't it? (though i think i like it? =) )

  3. Thanks Ali - I have been to Bunnings and kitted myself out already, thank you!

    Ha jfox! I thought about keeping the green, too, but really it is quite horrid in real life. Very, very full on.

  4. I nominated your blog for a heartfelt blog award :)

  5. well I LOVE your blog and am happy to show my appreciation.

  6. Oooh fun project! Look forward to seeing the finished result!

  7. What a wonderful inheritance! I am just itching to get a good look at all those goodies in the drawers! Look at those treasures... British Snap - how fabulous :) K


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