Monday, September 28, 2009

Leah Evans Textiles

Remember how I posted about soft map quilts a while back? Well these ones by Leah Evans zoom out even further than street level, to sea and fields and lakes.
I am almost speechless at the type of effort these involve. When I first saw them, I immediately wanted to make map quilts of my childhood, or of Sydney itself, where I grew up and where my family lives.*
*This is not a sustainable endeavour. Please talk me out of it softly and gently.
All images via Ambika


  1. they are gorgeous but definately for the certifiably insane- if you aren't crazy at the start you would be by the end....but worth it!! At least you'd have a great quilt to snuggle up in at the funny farm- and a map to find your way home if you try to escape- hehehe...

  2. Yes, I know you're right, Tina... But still tempted!


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