Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Whale of a Time

Way back in May I told you about the Beached Whale cartoon done by some incredibly talented friends: Jarod, Bosh and Macca. A Youtube sensation with over 5 million hits, tonight it debuts on ABC 1 (that's our national broadcaster, international friends) as the beginning of an eleven part series!

Truly huge amounts of work have gone into the series and you can see some hilarious 'making of' snippets right here.

Also, check out Alice's interview for more info.


  1. Those 'making of' clips are too funny. Can't believe Sam Neil came on board!

  2. Aren't they hilarious?! Sam Neil made me laugh so hard, too. (My favourite is Bosh's whale noises while Lior and Josh Pike are singing...)

  3. Loved this clip when I first saw it and again, this time round, especially as I'm also from New Ziland! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.


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