Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Maija Louekari

My friend A was lucky enough to purchase some beautiful Marimekko fabric on a recent trip to Finland.
And yes, she was also lucky enough to go on a trip to Finland!
The artist was Maija Louekari and I had great pleasure perusing her website to find these beautiful images.
The use of colour makes me want to splash paint on canvases and wear pretty, swirly summer dresses all at once.
This above print is the one my friend bought - but it's in pink. Swoon! She has it pinned up on her wall and it looks fantastic.
Have a look through her website - you will not be disappointed!
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  1. It DOES look fantastic on A's wall! I concur entirely! Gorgeous other prints, thanks for sharing xx

  2. Thank you both! Can't wait to explore Maija's site! Good tip. x

  3. Excellent: unanimous Marimekko love! Stay tuned for more :)

  4. Such gorgeous graphics! & how lucky to get Marimekko *from* Finland.


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