Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shop Update: New Packs of Colour!

Very excited about these! New packs of colour in the shop right now - so much fun!
There is free shipping within Australia, so hop to it if you feel like a little pack of inspiration in your favourite colour.
Each pack is different, but contains everything you see with even more in the pack - beads, buttons, fabric scraps, papers, postcards, stickers, stamps, vintage book parts - lots of yummies!


  1. Wow! I have been using my pack of colour you sent me on all my cards. I have my badge on my jacket. It's all happening!

    I am definitely going to ask (and pay) for your expertise for my girls' lunch when I get back. Thinking some of this could be used as pretty table decoration and/or take-away treats.

  2. Holy cow. What a visual feast! Makes me want to lay out my own notions & things the same way.


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