Monday, July 13, 2009

Buffy versus Edward

For years I have adored the Buffy series and really struggle to love Twilight. Don't get me wrong - I tried (I read the books, hoping to find the love) but I just can't get on board. (This article sums up a lot of my problems with it). So this mash-up is just delicious and oh-so-satisfying! EDITED TO SAY: this article and this one, too might also be of interest. But if you love Twilight, perhaps don't click through...


  1. I just read the article on Twilight. Wow! Talk about harsh.
    I am a fan of the Buffy series. I have also gotten into the Twilight series and am loving that too. It's all escapism. And I think that it is good that these vampire universes are so different. If not, then everyone would probably complain that Stephenie had ripped off Jos. :)
    Thankfully though, it is a different perspective, but not everyone has to like it. Heck, I've read other books that got rave reviews and I just didn't feel that the author was right for me.

  2. KATE! You are my favorite! This is the greatest effing thing, and just made my day. ROCK!

  3. "You know what I feel? Bored."

    Hi-larious! It certainly puts the two series into perspective.

    I agree the lamb-to-the-slaughter Bella rankles as a particularly damning portrayal of femininity. She is the anti-Buffy, and, silly as it may sound, I hope mash-ups like this will get the Twilight tweens considering an alternative model for female agency.

    Plus, I'm with Mouse, you ROCK for bringing this into my world :)

  4. @Emjie: I entirely support your having a different opinion! I am certainly in the minority as a Twilight-hater, but I'm ok with that. For the record though, I don't have a problem with Meyer's different universe: I have a problem with the fact that it's boring, one-dimensional and poorly written. But then again she's sold like a gabillion copies, so there's obviously a market for it.

    @Mouse: Yes, Buffy holds such a special place in my heart, too! Check out the Buffy Season 8 comics for so much more joy.

    @Alice: I love that this fit your film critic standards!

  5. Thanks for the link shout-out--nice blog!

  6. Surprised the author of that article thought the Twilight film had anything going for it other than Edward's casting. I found it surprisingly silly, and thought the actors who played the supposedly brain-freezingly beautiful Cullens were more ordinary to look at than most teen-movie actors. I will watch them all to the bitter end though, just to see how the unintentially hilarious last book will play out on screen. 'Renesme'- the monster baby and her mother's stalker were-wolf ex-boyfriend. Ick. That's one love story no one wants to see!
    Getting away from the Buffy/Bella debate - the Angel/Edward comparison is interesting. Apart from the fact that Edward drives cars that would make L.A.-based vamp Angel cringe with embarrassment, they are both extremely desirable in the same ways. Buffy wants one, and so does Bella. And those gals have nothing in common. Is it the ultimate girl fetish? Physically gorgeous, supernaturally strong, never sleeping, always watching over you, destined to protect and serve the women they love, yet they can never be a total sap because they're still the ultimate bad guy yo mamma said you can't be messin' around with. Add to that the lovely manners, multiple skills and world experience that comes with being over a century old, AND the unresolvable sexual tension and melty eyes...I mean, I kinda want one, don't you? x

  7. That was 'unintentionally.' Sorry. Got excited. x

  8. Another interesting suggestion:


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