Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tweet Suite

My lovely friend Ben is calling for your clever tweets, please!

Twitter proved to be too distracting for me - I was on there for about a week before I had to cut the metaphorical cord, but if you're a tweeter-er (I obviously don't even know the cool lingo that the kiddies are using) and you have clever tweets, send them to Ben and wait with baited breath for the Tweet Suite!


  1. Cool!

    Here are some of the musical tweets:


  2. Eeee! My suggestion just went up: http://5090.fawm.org/songs/1220/

  3. Thanks, Kate! I'm honoured to have been featured again.

    Your blog brings a welcome balance to my Google Reader, offsetting HTML5 arguments and music industry news with beautiful pictures of bookshelves and witty needlework. And I love the Buffy references. I was a big fan back in the day.

    And speaking of needlwork, I came across the Open Source Embroidery Project today and thought of you. ;)

  4. @Academic: yay - they're so good, thanks for passing on the link!

    @Alice: yours is wonderful!

    @ihatemornings: so glad to be included on the Reader (a high honour). I love the embroidery project - thanks for thinking of me! When are we going to work on embroidered album covers?!


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