Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Moleskine Diary

Although I'm usually a big fan of Moleskine products, I'm not sure this new 2010 diary completely fits the bill. It is a hardcover comprised of 12 coloured monthly diaries, which is (in theory) such a cute idea. But in practice, I'm left to wonder whether it would just be irritating. Or maybe I'm the only one who flips forward to the next month almost daily? What are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite diary, too?


  1. I'm with you, Kate. I think it looks cute, but would ultimately be bulky and annoying if you need to flick between months.

    Then again, these days I tend to use my google calendar and only refer to my Moleskine when I'm out and about (perhaps until I cave and get an iPhone). This new diary could mean I'd only carry around the relevant the colours are perty.

  2. Love the colours but yes I agree with Alice above.
    I mainly use online stuff to work out my stuff.

    Gorgeous though huh!

  3. Hm. Looks sort of gigantic. I just switched to Google Calendar, mostly because I was tired of keeping track of Boyfriend's sched and this way it's all in one place.

  4. Yes - I think the verdict is pretty but clunky and perhaps impractical. And pricey - it's not cheap at AUD80!

  5. Ohh, I saw that 2010 Moleskine diary the other day! Too clunky indeed.

    Personally, I use an A5-sized monthly calendar and very small handwriting to fit my appointments into the tiny little squares. My planner is much lighter to carry that way too! I take it with me everywhere.

  6. I like my sleek week to a double page moleskin diary which i can fit in a bag anywhere, anytime... virtually.
    This is cute BUT...

  7. It's clunky. But pretty. And I have a most horrible habit of only using a diary for a month and then forgetting. But it's clunky. And pricey.

    Um, also the link/listing for your alice diary is incorrect, me thinks....could you updated it, or add the shop name, pretty please?


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