Sunday, July 5, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

The lovely LPC has given me the 'Honest Scrap Award' for my "initiative in starting new things and following through on what I began." This is such a delicious award - I feel really happy to have received it. Thank you.

Initiative can be a tricksy beast. Sometimes I despair at all the projects I have started, letters I have to write, things to learn, chapters to finish. But on the other hand, I know that in the event I finished all my current to-dos, I'd immediately start on the next one! So for now, I'm concentrating on being ok with uncertainty and unfinished-ness: works in progress have to be like that in order to get finished, n'est-ce pas?

So, the award has certain 'requests', as LPC notes, which are as follows:

-Each blogger to whom the award is given must post these rules.
-Each blogger to whom the award is given must list ten random facts/habits about themselves and pass the award on to other recipients.
-The award recipients then need to do the same.
-Don't forget to leave a comment telling the recipients about the award!

In the spirit of not boring you to tears, I'm only going to tell you 4 random things about me - all of which have to do with taking initiative in some way or another:

1. I love stumbling upon furniture in op shops or by the side of the road, and working out how to fit them into my house. Same, of course, goes for clothes in cute op shops.
2. I am finishing my PhD, which is equal parts amazing and gut-wrenching. So it's fair to say that I am more looking forward to having it done than actually doing it at the moment.
3. I like to make things. Anything, really. New things are especially exciting.
4. I have always wanted to write a novel, and I started one this year. It's not very long so far, but I hope to get it written after I hand in my thesis. For now, it's a really fun distraction.

I'd like to pass the award onto Alice, for turning her blog world into "real" writing for various mags and even being interviewed for a podcast! (Edited to say: technological 'isyoos' have gotten in the way of the podcast this time, but I'm sure she'll be there soon.) Her initiative too (and just plain loveliness) is most definitely deserving of such an award.


  1. Awww shucks! Thanks for thinking of me :)

    I must admit, I hadn't really conceived of what I've been doing as 'initiative,' but I suppose you're right. It's been a crazy learning curve, but a lot of fun as well.

    Ta muchly, my dear x

  2. 'Isyoos' indeed! Grumble grumble. Alas the world shall never delight in my podcast debut. Still waiting to hear if we're going for take 2.

  3. You are more than welcome Kate. Congrats on all your recent successes and future ones as well. I had no idea you were working on a Ph.D. I love grad to see Alice's blog.

  4. Thanks LPC and academic hopeful - so nice of you!


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