Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What an historic day! I feel heady and excited - I can smell and feel change on the wind, and feel safer for having a compassionate, curious intellect in charge of the country whose decisions so affect my own.

Thank you to all Americans who voted - even if for the Republicans - as you demonstrated, as Obama said, a return to the true values you stood for long ago - democracy, transparency and community participation to name a few.

I first heard about Barack Obama in 2004, when I saw a small segment of a speech he made. I was mesmerised by his articulate and thoughtful speech, and the way he could combine grace with power in such a unique way.

Here's to a new world order which sees a move away from consumerism, self-interest, illegality, insularity and fear-mongering. And let's welcome in a progressive, all-encompassing, public-minded and change-oriented super power, who urges us to speak truth to power and be engaged actively in governance.


  1. Cheers indeed. Wonderfully put.

    I really hope it does lead to real change for the people who need it most.

  2. I'll second that!

    Here's hoping the Congress doesn't go too nutsy and the honeymoon period lasts long enough for Obama to get something done.

    75 days and counting!

  3. I know, how exciting. I went to New York for the election (I'm Irish) and it was SO MUCH FUN. I can't tell you. People were so thrilled.


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