Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mission District, San Francisco

Spent the day yesterday wandering around the Mission district of San Francisco, which for Sydneysiders is a bit like if Newtown and Glebe had an op-shop lovechild. In other words, it's lovely! Above is the steel (?) desk I coveted (with a strange spiky thing which I didn't covet) in a fabulous shop called X21 .
The shop was full of oddities like these lights, which looked more like extras from Wall-E than electrical fixtures.

Next stop was 826 Valencia St, where Dave Eggers famously has a pirate supply store, where a pirate in need can buy such necessities as peg leg oil, treasure cleaner, gold dragoon coins and notebooks galore. In the back of the shop, they teach (all for free) young kids and high school students English and writing skills. It made me want to start up a similar project in Sydney next year - I'll keep you posted!
This sign was for a cane shop, but I thought inadvertently hilarious. It looks rather threatening, no?!

By the way, I am posting lots more photos over at our travel blog, if you're interested!


  1. I adore the caning photo! (Makes me remember our Singapore days: "That's a canin'")

    Also, if you bring the Eggers idea to Sydney, I will definitely volunteer for you.


  2. Yay! Thank you!

    And the canin' sign was TOTALLY Singapore! Hilarious!

  3. San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the US. Well, it is certainly the most European city in the US.


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