Monday, November 10, 2008

Travel Fun

New York, March 2007.
I am starting to get very excited - the Pal and I leave in one week today for a two month holiday around the world.
Rome, January 2006.
Don't get me wrong, the economy is worrying us, and certainly everywhere in North America will be especially expensive, but we figure the next time we have eight weeks to holiday, we'll be eighty and in wheelchairs. Or at least much older :)

Hong Kong, December 2003.
I have been enjoying using the lovely Trip It to plan our itinerary, including flights, accommodation, and car hire. It's such a great resource - highly recommended to replace my old spreadsheets!
Paris, December 2005.
We are also planning to take only carry-on luggage. Partly this seems like a cool challenge, but partly it just seems sensible. I hate lugging around huge backpacks or suitcases, and would much rather use a cute, small wheelie bag and post things home as I go. Any ideas for this challenge?
Florence, December 2005.
I have been writing a list of things to take in my bag, and think I'm doing pretty well so far. I shall keep you posted!
Mui Ne, Vietnam, 2004.

*By the way, I'll post pinata fun later this week, too!

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  1. I don't presume to tell a woman of such foresight anything new. But going on my experiences of Europe in winter, I would pack loads of long-sleeved tops, including a couple of thermals. I would take one pretty top, but otherwise solely things that can be worn in different layered forms and can be rolled up. My main priorities would be proper shoes (your toes get bitten in Converse/ super cool shoes), and head, neck and hand gear. Can't wait to see you, sunny face. x


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