Thursday, November 13, 2008

Swap Lovelies

You may remember me talking of the Autumn Swap a little while ago. I had actually totally forgotten I would be receiving a parcel, so imagine my surprise when I found this BOX of goodies (all colour-co-ordinated in wrapping, no less) at my door yesterday morning! Eee!

My incredibly talented partner is Shelley from Oiseaux, and I feel as though she has reached into my brain and made the most perfect box for me. How lucky am I not only to be treated to so many beautiful things, but I'm so excited to have found a new friend with such amazing talents.

I honestly couldn't believe how much this all looks like me. Shelley sneakily looked at my favourites list on etsy (She must have! Or how would she have known?!) and generously added her own touches to things she knew I would love. You'll also see there on the far left an incredible collage Shelley made herself, entitled 'Wish'. It is so peaceful.
This incredible necklace from etsy seller Brookadelphia which I haven't taken off yet, and amazing card by another etsy seller, all the numbers.
Pear soap (eee!) and stickers from Brambleberry Lane.
The most charming bookplates from Shelley's own shop, Oiseaux. I am in love with these more than I can explain - they are too, too perfect! (Have a look at her shop, but visit at your own peril...)And last but not least, a fabulously, geographically correct Golden Book! Shelley was also kind enough to include a beautiful collection of teas, gift labels, and a great book about the Twelve Days of Christmas, featuring the ever-luminescent Quentin Blake. It is superb!

Thank you so much Shelley for your thoughtfulness, generosity and attention to detail. I am all a-flutter!


  1. ah, Kate, you caught me red-handed peeking at your etsy favorites! i was hoping they were old picks and that you'd forgotten.
    i'm so glad you liked your package, and i'm so happy it reached you before your big trip. i had a blast getting to know you through your blog and assembling goodies to make you happy, it was truly a treat!


  2. I am so tired and puffy-eyed from way too much screen time this week. This post is about the most depressing thing I could have looked at. This morning, your gain (all these delicious, wonderful, pretty things) is definitely my loss. Frown and pout.

    What a gorgeous bundle and I am sure your recipient was equally thrilled.

    Hope to hear from you before you jet off.

    Much love x x x

  3. Don't worry monkey mind! You'll get there. Let's hunt pretties in paris together, ok? xxxx


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