Monday, November 3, 2008

Favourite Etsy Finds

What with all the talk of the economy lately, I have been perusing (and not buying) lots of things for inspiration and fun. Isn't this print from LabPartners just stunning? Something about its fifties glow makes me love it deeply.

This pillow isn't really even me, but it is so snuggly and homely.
A whole family waiting to be born into existence! Eee!! I would love to buy these, but have a horrible suspicion that they would turn into splotchy and embarrassing testaments to my inability to manipulate a paintbrush. For serious.

Contrary is at it again! What a lovely little acorn - I am all for it.

Don't get me started on how many wall decals I have in my inspiration folders. If anyone saw, it would be awkward. You might not be my friends anymore.

So with that, happy lusting! Anything you're craving that you are holding off on like good little folk?

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