Monday, May 26, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about how I should commemorate the ending of my PhD. Which is sort of ironic, as I haven't actually finished it yet, but I figure it might be good to have something to run towards, apart from the enormous weight of 80,000 words off my chest, which admittedly, will be rather lovely.

So I've had a few ideas. One was that I refer to myself as The Doctor in the third-person, but I figured that may lose me all my friends much more quickly than doing a doctorate. And it actually sounds much more like a punishment than anything else. (It does have a certain touch of "I'm Toby Zeigler and I work at the White House", to it.) But then I thought about this chair, in all its modernist glory, and figured that would be a pretty cool prize. I could swivel around and feel doctory, and when friends came to visit, I might even let them have a spin...

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