Monday, May 26, 2008

Indy's back...


I went to see Indiana Jones and the Compass Quest for the Temple of the Philosopher's Doom Ring, or whatever it was called, and had a good time. I had no expectations - I am not the biggest Indy fan in the world - but loved the 1950s set styling and costuming. I concede that's probably not what most would have been looking at in a Spielberg/Lucas action film, but that black leather jacket was drool-worthy.

Our Cate, of whom I am a big fan, was spectacularly shlocky as Spalko, an Ukranian, Order-of -Lenin-winning, all-in-one-pantsuit-wearing, bob-sporting paranormal army gal. Her quest for knowledge is ultimately thwarted and she is either killed or sent to another dimension - the "spaces between space". Obviously, I was bedazzled by her glowing skin and was less narrative-focussed at this point of the film. Not quite sure of the moral of the Spalko story - it was either something to do with 'don't get friendly with aliens' or 'women shouldn't be on quests to know things, they should leave that to the lovely Harrison and Shia'. A feminist manifesto it ain't, but I still giggle at re-imagining her "I vant to know! I vant to know!" end-sequence in my head.

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