Thursday, May 29, 2008

Narrow minded

I am always a bit overwhelmed by really beautifully designed homes that make use of space in an imaginative way. This narrow and innovative Paddington terrace in Sydney is no exception.

While it's not all to my taste, I am in awe of people who can give a space one complete 'style'. If I look around my student-y apartment, there are definitely parts of me on show, but in a "I'm-on-a-student-budget-and-most-things-clash" sort of way. Sometimes I have minimalist tendencies, and dream of black and white sleek lines, and other days I conjure up hundreds of mantelpieces, bookcases and writing desks to house collections of robots, books and stationery galore.

I like Art Deco, I like kitsch, I like minimalism, I like retro, I like modern, and I fear greatly that my one-day grown-up house will be, much like myself, unable to make up its mind.

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