Saturday, May 24, 2008

Monsters and Robots

Seriously, these are the cutest lil' creatures I have seen in a long time. They are from the etsy shop MyLittleOogaBooga - a fabulous Aussie etsyer, to boot! - and are just so scrumptious I can't stop looking at the detail. The heart! The little glimmer in the eye! It's seeing things like this that make me want to spend my life saving on felt, buttons and a sewing machine, move to the country and make little creatures all day. In fact, that sounds like one satisfying career move.

I bought the grey one for a friend's son's first birthday - he's one lucky boy as I really didn't want to part with it... But now I am wondering who I can buy the olive green robot for. I love a good robot, and this one is simply no exception. And it's monster-y face only adds to its robotic charm. Swoon.

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