Friday, May 23, 2008

Sometimes it's the little things...

Occasionally I don't act my age. Instead, I embrace all the past iterations of myself and channel my four or five-year-old self in all her glory. Or at least, that's the only way I can explain the way I am drawn to objects such as this one.

I saw this when shopping with my sister Emma, who despite being six years younger than I am, is eminently more sensible. She was a bit embarrassed when I started squealing with delight and nudging her in the ribs. "It's wearing a beret!" "I could use it as a salt pig, but it could be a salt egg!" "It's the most practical and classic item I've ever seen!"

Indulging me, Emma actually bought it for me as a present (thanks Em!). So kind, but there was probably a part of her that hoped that buying it would ensure my Ode To The Salt Egg wouldn't continue for too much longer. But having had the Egg for about six months now, I can't explain how happy it makes me. All I have to do is pass it in the kitchen, and it lifts my spirits entirely. It also has an all-together pleasing 'heft' to it - a delightful roundness which for some reason makes me giggle with pleasure.

It amazes me that in the busy, full-on world of meetings, deadlines and pressure, that something as simple as this makes me smile.


  1. Oh you lucky thing! This is lovely!!!

    I have a rather handsome banana xylophone made by the same company (Decole)... It makes me quite buoyant!

  2. A banana xylophone?! You simply must post a photo of it soon! My heart is all a-flutter!


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