Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singer Sewing Table Restoration: Part VI

Well I'm finally done!

I'm pretty thrilled with how it all turned out. There are faint twinges of green in parts, but I'm hoping that adds to its history. I'm really happy with how new and shiny the base looks - my dear Mum painted it so beautifully (thanks Mum!)

All that's left to do is to polish it with some beeswax: it positively drunk up all the orange oil I rubbed in yesterday, so I think it's time for a new approach.

My Dad rang me last night to say he's spotted a wrought iron bench that needs some repair and thinks it should be "our" next project. We'll see!

For a reminder on how it looked before, have a look here. Yikes!

Thanks for your lovely, encouraging comments along the way - it's been so much fun to share this on the blog!


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