Sunday, December 6, 2009

Singer Sewing Table Restoration: Part V

With the help of my dear Mum and Dad, we dismantled the little table - here it is upside down and sans base: perfect to get access to those bits I couldn't reach last week.
Still so much green!!! Happily, I'm finding more and more details by being this up close and personal: above you can see some initials stamped in the wood while the paint bubbles off. (The orange stuff is the gel-like paint stripper).And here's the same piece, after scraping and washing off the paint. (The hinges are a bit green still, but you won't be able to see them at all when it's all finished and put back together.)
Here's another little hidden detail I found on the bottom of the wrought iron base: Simanco, which I suppose stands for Singer Manufacturing Company.
Mum and I had a great time chatting away while she painted and I sanded and stripped paint. I'm actually allergic to paint (and fumes) so I couldn't do the paint job myself, but Mum had a wonderful time. I think she's wondering what else she can paint, now...which could be a worry!

Next week? The final installment!


  1. Wow, it is looking so wonderful/ Can't wait to see the finished machine.

  2. Thank you! Yes, it's coming along slowly. Can't wait for the big reveal!

  3. It looks great, we used to have one of those as a coffee table, complete with the treadle bit that you could push back and forth while you sat - kind of like a reverse rocking chair?

    Just a cautionary tale about letting mum get carried away with paint; my mum had a thing for red gloss, at one point she not only glossed the front door, internal doors and kitchen units (including fridge) she also painted her push bike, including the chain! She has a masters degree, but not so much common sense.

    x x x


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