Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Furniture

For Christmas, the Pal and I bought each other this bench seat for under the window in our lounge room. Our apartment is not big, but we think this makes for a much more functional space. With some new pillows (and an old one!) we think it looks pretty great. Yay for being able to entertain more friends!
This chair was a late birthday present from my Mum and Dad, which now happily sits underneath another lovely present. I have so enjoyed rocking away with a book (or let's be honest, my thesis and pen in hand), looking out to the harbour. Which of course didn't come out in any of these photos. But it's there. And the cool breeze beckons now...


  1. yummy, yummy yum! a lovely bench - a little bit Barcelona chair and a perfect size for a cosy gossip under the window. Could I possibly be adopted by your mum and dad - Eames rockers are a sign of wonderful parenting...

    x x x

  2. ooohh so lovely these pieces. Merry Xmas


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