Monday, June 29, 2009

The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project is where Sheena Matheiken has pledged to wear one dress (eeep!) for a whole 365 days "as an exercise in sustainable fashion" and to raise money for poverty-stricken school kids in India.
So, this woman has amazingly excellent motives and politics - and she also happens to look ridiculously wonderful in all of these shots! I wonder if a uniform could be a very handy way to stop wardrobe dilemmas? I love the way the uniform (she has seven, by the way, so she can stay clean!) is reversible and has deep pockets. Sigh. Pockets are amazing.
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  1. Yes, swoon! I love pockets. I'm going to institute a pockets requirement for all new dresses.

    Also, KNEESOCKS! Where have they been? Must have them back, right now.

  2. Yes yes to pockets! I am thinking of hacking old dresses to have more pockets, too.

    I do love knee socks, but my knees are less than delicate, so I stick to tights. But don't those green ones look fabu?

  3. Imagine how simple dressing would be in the mornings! Hurrah!

  4. Vulnerable on outside, sassy within. That is what happens when you wear anything with pockets, smocky bits, long socks etc. How fun (and worthy)! Will be interested to know how she goes.


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