Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Packs of Colour and Giveaway!

I have been busy last weekend making all sorts of little things. I was inspired by this idea of spring in a box, and I thought it would be nice to send 'colour in a box' to some of my friends.I got out all my craft supplies and tried to find bits and pieces which were bright and fun. I packaged some fun stickers in glassine envelopes, and made some badges with some bright Japanese paper. I bought some ridiculous smiley pencils which can't help but look like fun.
And added some gift tags I made...These little map books turned out exactly as I had hoped. They are lined with bright coloured paper and sewn down the spine (and are also in le shop).See? Colours ahoy!

I packaged up some mini crayons with a little apple stamp... ...and packaged them all up in a vintage-looking popcorn bag!

Now, for the exciting bit for you... I have one more pack to giveaway! So leave me a comment before next Thursday 25th June and I shall pick a winner at random. Feel free to link through from your blog, too!

By the way, I have marked down all the Japanese stationery in the shop - have a look if you feel like it!


  1. PICK ME!! PICK ME!! Love the pack, especially the map notebooks, gorgeous!

  2. Oh! I love it. It takes me back to my childhood, when I used to get excited by crazy pens and anything that was fools gold (colour and sparkles). Fingers and toes are crossed. I hope I win.

  3. the map notebooks are absolutely divine! They would make the best presents! (I'd be quite happy to have one hiding in my bag for daydreams......)

  4. Is it bad taste if I disclose here that I received colour in a box?!! Thanks, angel features. It made my day. I am about to write a post about it!!! x x x

  5. Want. WAAAAANT! *cries because wants*

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  7. From one crafty Kate to another, I love your colour popping goodness - and not just because it oozes with girly playthings, but because you sent a pack to my besty friend and you made her day! I could hear her squeals of delight 2 miles down the road! Thank you x

  8. I have always love Japanese stuff and am really getting into (read spending too much money) on Fabric and papers lately, hope I win

  9. How do you do it Kate? Your posts always bring colour to my day!

    Your creativity is inspiring, though it also brings with it an amount of guilt on my behalf at not having created something of my own.

  10. Hello Kate!
    Oh wow what a lovely birthday present this would be!!! It's my birthday on Saturday 27th! :)
    So sweet of you to offer a give away to your readers!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  11. I love the map notebooks! Those are my favorite.


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