Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Save FBI Radio Cookbook Zine

This is very exciting. For those of you who live outside of Sydney, there is a small, community radio station called FBI which is facing funding cuts and possible extinction.

In order to raise some funds, they have put together a beautiful PDF cookbook zine, which you can download and give a small donation in exchange.

I have downloaded it, and it is really delightful. As the zine says, you could even try imaginative ideas to raise money: hold a dinner party using recipes from the zine and have people donate, or spend a night in with the zine and donate what you would have spent on dinner. All excellent ideas.

Have a look here for the links to download and donate!

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  1. Hi Kate,
    Wow, how lovely of you to post about this - really generous and wonderful of you! Thanks so much for that and so glad you are enjoying the cookbook zine!


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