Monday, October 15, 2012

House Progress X

Hooray for dining chairs! I am so excited - after many weeks of looking online and in stores and being really disappointed by the quality or designs of chairs, I bought some. Last weekend, I visited the Alameda Flea Market (oh goodness, it's amazing) and chanced upon these Danish, teak beauties. Going out there early really paid off, and I nabbed these at about 8:30am or so - incredibly lucky. They match the teak table almost seamlessly, (even with similar shaped legs!) and have a beautiful, woven rattan base. I called the Pal and tried to email photos to him, and we ended up agreeing that because they were a good price, and eminently re-sellable, if he hated them/wanted to veto them, I could sell them. Thankfully he didn't, and they now live in our dining room. 

(EDIT: I've since looked online and believe them to be Fritz Hansen Danish Teak chairs - they're selling on eBay for US695 for 2 - I bought all four for a whole lot less than that!)

The more astute among you will notice that they're only four. We will get some statement armchairs for the ends of the table - just you wait and see :) Thanks for all of your lovely comments last week about this progress series: it's really gratifying that you like watching the house unfold - I'll keep sharing updates as they happen!

These chairs officially close "Phase 1" (as we've been affectionately calling it). That means that, apart from waiting for all our stuff to arrive from Sydney, we now have things to sleep on, sit on and lie on. No real decorating has taken place, so everything still looks empty without art on the walls, but it's at least functional. Hooray!

To-do list: (I'll be posting this weekly as a personal reminder of where we're up to - please feel free to ignore or to play along). Obviously much of this will cost a lot, so we'll do it over time, starting with the most urgent.

Possibly get an eat-in table and chair or a centre butcher's block/workspace. (Going to wait a bit on this one)

Butler's Pantry



-Better storage organization for both closets

Dining Room/2nd Bedroom
-Research and buy an airbed

-Get a sideboard/credenza

Lounge room
-Buy a large plant - maybe a Fiddle Fig?
-Buy a lamp
-Buy a rug for the couch


-Vacuum cleaner
-Sewing machine (eventually!)


  1. Nice find with the chairs. I've been looking for some arm chairs for the ends of my table as well but so far I haven't found any that I like. I'll be looking to your blog for inspiration

  2. Amazing! I love them. The Australian child inside my head who used to like to sit at our rattan dining chairs and my lunch in a wet swimming costume instantly started echoing my Dad when I saw them 'No sitting without getting dry first Tori'

  3. Oooh so much success! Well done you! They match beautifully - but more to the point, trekking out to some market early in the morning surely proves you as a local :)


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