Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book review

I don't normally review books (although if you're reading this in Google Reader, I do list out the books I'm reading on the right of the blog). Not only is this an amazing book jacket design, I also don't think I've enjoyed a book so much in a few years. Semple writes laugh-out-loud funny prose which satirizes contemporary life in such an innovative way: fiction rarely feels this alive to me. Spent every spare moment of the last few days laughing and greedily rampaging through the novel, while simultaneously being disappointed that I will never write this well. If you're looking for a totally compelling and strangely adorable book: this is for you!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Kato! I'd seen this book pop up on my Kindle recommendations, and now it'll be my next stop once I've finished Zadie Smith's NW.

  2. I read the synopsis and it sounded really interesting. I've got it on my wishlist now

    PS - How was Jamrach's Menagerie? I've got that one on my wishlist as well

  3. @Alice - oh yes, I haven't read NW yet. Good? It's also on the list/my Kindle ;)

    @Rooth: I didn't much like it. Gave it 3/5 stars - interesting and vivid but sort of graphic and depressing for me...


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