Monday, October 8, 2012

House Progress IV

We have a couch! We have a couch! No longer will I ever assume that a couch is just a thing. A couch, my friends, means a home. And this one's a beauty. We're still waiting on an ottoman which should arrive in a few weeks, but sofa so good. Ha! Couch puns. The Pal and I have so loved hanging out and lounging around. (The alternative was taking turns in the Dr Chair or literally sitting on floorboards...) Also in shot is our new rug and coffee table. Looks like we actually live here...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my post last week - it's been so much fun to share this with you, blog-friends. Your comments make my day!

EDITED: The couch is from Harrington Galleries on Valencia St, the coffee table from World Market (it's called 'Aidan') and the rug is from Overstock. The tray and cushion are from Target.

To-do list: (I'll be posting this weekly as a personal reminder of where we're up to - please feel free to ignore or to play along). Obviously much of this will cost a lot, so we'll do it over time, starting with the most urgent.

Get a new plug for the sink-
Line cupboards with non-adhesive mats-
Possibly get an eat-in table and chair or a centre butcher's block/workspace. (Going to wait a bit on this one)

Butler's Pantry
-Line shelves with non-adhesive mats-
Maybe get curtain to block the pantry from the kitchen? (or go crazy with a beaded curtain?) (Mixed responses to this last time! I'm leaving it in just for the record!)

-Put up shower curtain cotton liners-
Think about towel warmer/dryer? (Arrived! Toasty, toasty bathroom with dry towels).

-Buy a sideboard to house linen and to use as more bench space for the bathroom.
-Buy a washing basket
-Buy a clothes rack
-Maybe buy a plant for the sideboard when we have it. (Got one for my birthday! Thanks AB!)

-Buy a mattress
-Buy a bed base
-Buy new, darker curtains
-Buy wall hooks for the picture rails

-Line drawers with paper liners

Dining Room/2nd Bedroom
-Research and buy an airbed and linen and guest towels
-Buy dining table
-Buy dining chairs
-Buy rug (this is a lease condition)

Lounge room
-Buy couch
-Buy coffee table
-Buy rug
-Buy a large plant - maybe a Fiddle Fig?
-Buy small desk for this space
-Buy a chair/stool, too
-Buy a desk lamp
-Buy thicker curtains for the front windows
-Buy a lamp
-Buy a cabinet for electronic cords/wires

-Buy a rug (runner style) - this is a lease condition

-Placemats for hot things on dining table
-Polish up dining table
-Vacuum cleaner/Mop + bucket
-Sewing machine (eventually!)
-Braun kitchen blender/chopper


  1. Hey, Beautiful house interior design. The decoration you show here seems to me professional design indeed. I like it. Thanks!

  2. Looks so good! Loving the patterns and textures.

  3. It looks really nice Kate. Where'd you get the coffee table from?

  4. Absolutely LOVE that sofa!! Offsets the wall colour perfectly.

  5. LOVING what you've done so far - all the geometrics look great with their varying textures, and a nice contrast with the wood of the table.

  6. Looks amazing! That cushion is from Target? It's terrific. I love how brave you are with the couch. I have a feeling that in my house it would be deckled with red wine, smudges of Green and Black's 70 % chocolate, Earl Grey and the occasional splatter of Sriracha in a week. If only we were grown up enough for cream couches...


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