Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our House: reorganised

I promised to show you some pics of the apartment after we re-organised everything (just in time for the owner to sell and now we have to move!)  It's changed a lot since we first moved in - and I'm hopeful we can find a new place which will be just as comfortable. These photos were taken by the real estate agent and, even with the oddly-photoshopped TV! hopefully they give you a sense of what our place looks like. In the above photo, the couch ottoman is floating oddly in front of the couch for some reason, but otherwise it looks exactly how we live in it.
The bedroom. A weird angle to get as you can't see the built-ins or our dressing tables (at the foot of the bed) but glad my teddy Elizabeth was left in shot!
And the kitchen sort of looks the same, but a little more exciting through a wide-angle lens. Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour! Stay tuned for where we're headed next. Sigh. Even I don't know that yet!


  1. Oooh, it looks awesome! Really like the new configuration. Lucky landlords...

  2. I really like your living room and the shelves - how bright and cheery!

  3. Beautiful! The TV amongst the books looks just perfect.

    But BOOOOO! Can't believe you have to move now. Fingers crossed you find an even dreamier place.

  4. @KF - thanks so much! Yes, they're getting good deal with us :)

    @Rooth - thank you, my dear! Yes, we love the natual light and see breezes.

    @Ali - thanks! Can't believe it either, but crossing fingers for fate, too.

  5. It looks really nice, sorry you have to move away form it.

  6. mmm all those lovely books! hope you find something cosy to call home soon =)


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