Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back!

Some people might find it too weird that about two hours after the Pal and I landed back in Sydney, we went house hunting. And indeed, when I write it out like that, it does look a bit obsessive. And further, when I say we went house hunting and also put down a deposit to rent an apartment on that same morning, it might seem even stranger.

But we did! And I'm very excited. We move out this weekend (eep!) and here are a few photos taken by the agents.

Everything inside the apartment has been renovated about six months ago, so it's sparkling new, bright and breezy, with glimpses of water which is very nice. After living in a small studio last year, I can't wait to have a real kitchen again and more than one room to inhabit.

I'd love suggestions as I add to this large dining and living space - we have to buy a lounge and I am completely at a loss as to where I should start to look. Advice on that front?
I promise not to get too housey on the blog, but I'll keep you updated as the move progresses. It's nice to be back!
Photos courtesy of Real Estate.

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  1. Kitchen lust.

    You sure you don't want to swap with us? Don't you wish you had a bit of dirty lino on that floor of yours? How about an oven that doesn't work? No?

    Very exciting, good luck w the move.



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