Monday, January 26, 2009

Beside the Bed

Since moving, I have been trying to source the perfect bedside table. This alls happens in my imagination, of course, as the post-trip budget is a little meagre. Surprisingly, there's just not a lot out there that I like. The exception to this is the incredible bedside table by Josefun Hellstrom-Olsson which makes my heart flutter. A stack of books! For other books to be squirelled away in!

This one, although less artsy, is a practical and very effective use of space - and my mind likes the separated categories, too. (One for literature! Nerd puzzles! House magazines! Thesis drafts! etc)

This one intrigued me - I haven't decided what I think about it, but I like the idea of a bedside table working as a quasi-tray for a cheeky cup of tea, too.

In the meantime, this recessionista will make do with the very small Ikea stool and upside-down washing basket for the Pal...


  1. I like that one in the middle--that would even organize Boyfriend's mountain of books and magazines and papers!


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