Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Japanese stationery haul and shop update!

Having promised to both show off some of the stationery goodies I bought in Japan, I thought I'd conveniently combine the show-and-tell with a cheeky shop update.
Sometimes the stationery sections of shops made me actually short of breath!

I thought at the time I was being very extravagant by buying all that I did (and perhaps I was...) but it still all managed to fit in my carry-on luggage, so I did something right!

I can't emphasise enough how much I enjoyed the paper products - particularly of the kawaii variety - and here is a pretty fine selection of my stash.

Needless to say, I have placed a small selection in the shop if you feel like some would make a nice addition to your own collections.
Who can resist apples and squirrels? And together with a "Thank you for the delicious fruits"? Too much.
These matryoshka stickers are a real favourite. They combine postage stamps and simply beautiful colours.
I have a special fondness for the engrish on these - this set actually says, 'Bland hedgehog' on each page. Bland hedgehog?! Too hilarious.


  1. Konnichiwa, lovely Kate! I hope you had wonderful adventures in Japan... I love that you feel the same way about stationery as I do! "Bland hedgehog" just totally made my day!! Sorry my Tiny Candy blog has been so quiet - I hope to rectify this soon! Love Emme xoxo

  2. I always love hedgehogs, but that bear is especially fetching.

  3. My comment will bring the tone of your beautiful blog down, but had to share my own 'Engrish' stationary find. A gorgeous notebook with borders of printed lace and buttons, and a daily page header reading 'Happy as a pig in shit' on every one. It does make me smile every time I open it, so I guess it's a self fulfilling command. xx


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