Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best. House. Ever.

You may have seen this gorgeous home on an episode of Grand Designs - it has to be my favourite house ever on that show. Designed by Kathryn Tyler, it is the most perfect, Scandinavian modern house. Unlike many that feature on that show, it is practical, humble and just perfectly thought out. Bravo Kathryn! (You can see some highlights of the building process here).

All images via here.


  1. It si absolutely my favourite from grand designs ever and I cannot believe how much I have been thinking about ti since I saw it. i love everythig about it. I can literally take my toothbrush and move in!

  2. Oh I love that shelf-stair. Or stair-shelf? I can't stop staring. Or stairing. x

  3. Hi Kate,

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  4. I really like the shelves that follow the stairs. It is so perfect! a 5 star house.


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