Monday, November 22, 2010

Newtown Wanderings

So I almost bought this bureau on Saturday. I had wandered into one of my favourite furniture places, and saw this little beauty - it was labelled Danish 1960s, but I couldn't really verify if that was the case. My dream is to have a bureau like this to contain all my crafty bits and pieces - it could even be a gift wrapping station with the table pulled down.

It was pretty cute, but I ended up shying away from it: really need to do some more research, as this was priced at $1100, and I couldn't tell if that was a steal or a travesty! Keep an eye out for me, will you, blogland, and let me know if you see one similar?
And I also found this little guy. He really looks like a Banksy to me - can anyone verify?

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  1. I nearly fainted during the first half of the post that you hadn't bought it but then I saw the price!!! It probably is market value if it really is Danish and by a good maker but you could probably find something similar at an op shop for a fraction of the cost, keep looking!


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