Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I bought these little coloured plants on the weekend and potted them up. Does anyone know what they actually are?! I was so overcome with exclamations when I saw them ("Little trees! Different colours!" etc and replay) that I forgot to ask... I hope I don't kill them - this is always a risk in my house. [EDITED TO SAY: They are Celosias! Thanks Cassi - how cool are my readers?!]


  1. sadly i have no clue

    but just wanted to say i love them! too cute!!

  2. They're celosias! My dad bought me a pot of them when I moved in to my first place several years ago, and they were beautiful on my concrete apartment porch. :) Here's a link to tell you more about them:

  3. Oh my gosh Cassi - thank you! Mystery SOLVED! I didn't know they are ornamental AND edible, too! Thank you so much - this is amazing :)


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