Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Honeymooned and Married and Back to Blogland!

Yes, a few, sneaky pre-posts while I was gone, and now I'm back after the most wonderful wedding and honeymoon I could hope for. Just a whirlwind of happiness, friends, romance and love - what an experience!

I'm slowing coming back to earth, and might be slow to get posts moving again, but will share with you some of our photos over the coming weeks.

(Oh, this photo is the view from our beach hut - biggest decision of the day was which beach chair or hammock to choose!)


  1. Congratulations!!! Great idea to do sneaky pre-posts, I had no idea!

  2. Yay! NB I want to go to there. Now to the real question- how many books did you get through? :)

  3. Vive les mariés !!!!
    Photos, photos, photos !!!

  4. Ooo Kate,

    Is this Treasure Island Fiji? (probably not but I thought it looked similar...) Congrats by the way!

    Nicola (Mirella's sister)


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