Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pillow Love #4

Aren't these pillows fantastic? I love the long, people shaped ones above. Actually, I love them all.

Thanks for all your lovely comments. It's taken me a bit to rejig and get back into life again - I am doing lots of part-time teaching, so in some ways, life feels much the same, but the adrenaline is starting to leave!

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for the weekend to catch up with some lovely friends - see you Monday!
All images via the ever fabulous Bloesem.


  1. I love all your pillow posts.

  2. Oh Kate! If you have a minute to spare in Melbourne maybe you'd like to go to this:?

    xx Emma

  3. Thank you Kylie and LPC!

    Emma - this looks amazing! Sadly, I'm in Lorne and not Melbourne proper, so will have to miss out :( Melbourne has such great crafty peeps, though, don't they?

  4. Those are cute, the characters kind of look like a Japanese cartoon actually.


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