Sunday, April 18, 2010


When I was in Lorne last weekend, I found this incredible basket which turns into a BLANKET! I am still getting over it, to be honest. Picnic basket, craft organiser, baby things - the list of uses could be endless, really. I didn't end up buying it, but I have been thinking of it for a while.

'Akanbe' or あかんべ is actually a Japanese facial gesture, where you pull one eye down while you stick out your tongue, so this little bag is even cuter.
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  1. Perfect for going to the park with the boys, I want one.

  2. That is too cute. But, of course, my mind had a split second thought of: Kate's having a baby? But then I realised that I haven't been in the thesis cave that long, have I? xx

  3. @ Academic Hopeful: Yes! I realise that was ambiguous: I am not having a baby: just thought it was a perfect bag for baby things!

  4. Where can we get one? They are so gorgeous, Japanese, Felt and Multi-functional - swoon...

    x x x


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